Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Curbar Edge (December 2017)

Bright conditions on Curbar Edge suddenly turned to snow. I watched as heavy clouds swallowed the last bit of sunlight and then headed back towards the car. I thought that would be the end of the photography but as quickly as the snow started it moved away leaving clear conditions for the rest of the afternoon. These were the last shots of the day looking across Stoke Flats towards White Edge and Higger Tor in the distance.

These are some of the shots I took of the incoming snow shower. There wasn't a great deal of time to set the exposure properly. I had to hold the camera downwards, raise and shoot quickly. Quite a few of the images were unusable due to snow being blown onto the front of the lens but I did manage one or two clear shots. The results were underexposed in places but I think the dark foreground and subdued highlights are more representative of the actual conditions than any of the versions I tried to correct in Lightroom:

Once the snow shower had passed I resumed my walk along Curbar Edge to Froggatt Edge and then back to the car park at Curbar Gap:

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