Friday, 25 May 2018

Winter on the Southwell Trail - Part 19 (March 2018)

As stated in the previous post, this selection covers the continuation of a walk across the Hexgreave Estate towards Kirklington. I could argue that I am too from the Southwell Trail for these images to included in the series but I am not sure that is really important - it would be splitting hairs a bit!

The main reason for separating the walk into two posts was the unexpected partially frozen pond on the Hexgreave Estate. The ice was melting in places leaving circular patches on the surface. I ended taking a few different shots of the pond - too many to include in previous post:

A little further on from the pond are some trees on a hill which I occasionally photograph and was keen to see in snow conditions:

These were some of the other scenes along the footpath back to the Southwell Trail including a line of electricity pylons and a willow plantation which I believe provides green fuel for the Hexgreave Estate:

The willow trees are closely planted and make good abstract compositions:

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