Friday, 25 May 2018

Winter on the Southwell Trail - Part 18

The winter series on the Southwell Trail has extended way beyond what I had originally intended.  This is mainly due to the exceptional weather in late February and early March producing some ideal conditions for photography. As a result, I probably took more photographs than I might have taken had conditions been more normal.

On reflection, I might challenge whether more editing could have been applied at the capture stage, perhaps focussing on a smaller number of quality images rather than the documentary approach I have employed for this series. In addition, I could have also edited the posts better using a smaller number of images to represent conditions.

That said, I have really enjoyed the freedom of the documentary style. All the images in the series  have been captured with a compact camera as part of daily walks - no tripod, filters or large kit bag!

This freedom has then extended to the photoblog where I have continued to follow a journal style for the posts i.e. this is what I captured on this day. I have not really tried to exclude repeat visits to locations or attempted to weed out similar compositions across different posts. I guess the real editing will come further down the line when I decide how to present the final series.

In the meantime, this selection returns to the paths across the Hexgreave Estate as the early March snow begins to melt away. I recaptured some of the scenes from a few days earlier with some variations to the compositions. I then continued walking towards Kirklington which I will cover in my next post:

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