Sunday, 6 May 2018

Winter on the Southwell Trail - Part 10

The aim of the Southwell Trail series is to document changes on the trail across the seasons. Over the last six months I have become very familiar with aspects of the trail including its trees and the shapes they create for the photography.

I was therefore a dismayed to find that branches had been cut from one of my favourite trees to allow access to the trail for an electrical maintenance vehicle. When I mentioned this to a regular walker on the trail, I got a bit of a 'so-what' shrug and a look that said, 'it is only a few branches from a tree'.....and may be so, but I will miss them all the same.  

This is the tree before it was cut followed by its new state:

Whether the tree cutting influenced my photography over the next couple of days I am not sure but looking back at the results there does seem to be a theme of broken bits, tangled branches and dark toned images!

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