Friday, 13 April 2018

Winter on the Southwell Trail - Part 7

I continued with the winter series on the Southwell Trail after the snow with the new Canon M6 camera providing some additional impetus.

The 18-150mm lens allowed me to select a long focal length  to condense the perspective and emphasize the tunnel-like nature of the trail. The exposure was set for the highlight in the distance and the shadows were left uncorrected in post processing:

I also used the long focal length for these backlit bramble leaves:

The wider angle focal lengths were used to capture the fine winter sunlight along the trail:

One of the interest buildings on the trail is the Victorian Pumping Station at Farnsfield. Normally it is difficult to get a clear view of the station due to the trees but some hedge trimming further along the trail allowed me to get following shot. I have also included a later image taken in the snow:

The Pumping Station sits at the head of a 54ft well and was opened in 1898. It is still in use today pumping water to Newark on Trent (about 12 miles away) although electric pumps have replaced the original steam mechanism. The links below provide more information about the Pumping Station including an aerial photograph taken in 1947.

Information about the pumping station on Geograph Britain and Ireland

Miles of Mains article in the Newark Advertiser including a photograph of the pump house taken in 1948. The chimney is no longer standing.

Aerial photograph of Farnsfield Water Pumping Station (1947) on Britain from Above. This also shows the original railway line which is now the Southwell Trail. Amazingly, a comparison of this photo with its equivalent on Google Earth reveals how little has changed in the immediate vicinity over the last 70 years although pressure to build new housing is gradually moving residential properties ever closer to the pumping station.

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