Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Robin Hood Way (January/February 2018)

I return regularly to a route on the edge of the village which forms part of the Robin Hood Way, a series of walks connecting Nottingham and Mansfield with Sherwood Forest. This particular route is circular walk 6 from Farnsfield to Robin Hood Hill (1)

The last post from this location included some autumn shots under the heading of ‘Doorstep Photography’. Doorstep photography is my term for any photograph taken within walking distance from home and increasingly this is becoming a larger part of my photographic activity. Not only does this give me a greater appreciation of my local environment, it also contributes to staying healthy.

This selection of photographs, taken in late January and early February, features winter trees and fields off the Blanchbeck Lane and Combs Lane section of the Robin Hood Hill circular walk.

(1) The Robin Hood Way, 4th Edition. Robin Hood Way Association. p139 - 142

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