Saturday, 7 April 2018

Blidworth Woods - January 2018

I used my new Canon M6 camera and 18-150mm lens for these test shots in Blidworth Woods. I wanted to upgraded my current compact camera (G1X mkii) and thought the mirrorless Canon system would provide a step up in quality without impacting on the spontaneity of a small carry around camera.

My first impressions were excellent. The camera handled well and the Canon familiarity allowed me to continue where the G1X left off. I did think the 18-150mm lens was a bit chunky on the front the small body but as soon as I started to use it I found that it naturally sat in the hand, helping to stabilise the camera.

I specifically chose the 18-150mm lens for its big zoom range but plan to add additional lenses from the 'm' range in the future. I have my eye on the macro ‘m’ lens. I did however purchase the EF/EF-S adapter which allows me to attach my current Canon L lenses to the M6 - very useful.

The most noticable improvement when comparing the new M6 with the G1X was establishing a fine focus for close-up work. Sometimes I found it hard to lock on to the subject with the G1X and the electronic manual focus wasn’t easy to use. In contrast, the M6 auto-focus very responsive and quick to find focus. The manual focus was also easier to use with a fully manual twist action on the front of the lens.

In terms of quality, all the technical reviews I have read give higher scores to the M6 than the G1X mkii (1), and my perception on first use was sharper and brighter results from the M6, although this could easily be attributed to a new camera halo effect!

Overall, I am happy the Canon M6 will at least match G1X mkii that I have enjoyed using and provide the additional advantage of interchangeable lenses.

(1) Example technical comparison

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