Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 11

This is the last post in the Autumn on the Southwell Trail series. I decided that the winter solstice (21st December  2017) was a good time to finish this part of the project.

Originally, I was only going to document autumn on the trail but I have really enjoyed the daily walking routine and, of course, the photography. Now I am really interesting to see how some of the autumn compositions develop during the winter and into the spring and summer. If I have the opportunity, I hope to complete a full year along the trail.

For this final set of the series I went in search of any last remaining autumn colours including these frost covered leaves:

There was still some colour from the dried oak tree leaves and  pleasant autumn glow from the top of some silver birch trees:

A selection of the Autumn on the Southwell Trail photographs plus some taken at other times of the year can be now viewed at  Realview Photography - Southwell Trail

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