Saturday, 3 June 2017

Kynance Cove - Photography Week 16 (2017)

A lovely spring afternoon and evening at Kynance Cove. There was a particularly golden sunset which was best exploited from the cliffs above the cove using the yellow gorse flowers and lichen covered rocks for foreground interest:

Just about visible in the foreground of the last image is a small blue/ violet wildflower which I believe to be spring squill. Earlier in the afternoon I took a close up for identification purposes and then a couple of wide angle shots showing the flower growing on the grassy banks of the cliffs:

Another coastal flower that I needed to identify was common scurvy-grass which was very abundant on the cliffs but one I had not come across before:

I had planned on visiting Pentreath Beach whilst I was at Kynance Cove but was put off by the erosion of the path leading to down the cliff-side. A couple of people did make it down despite the warning signs - one of these can be seen in my record below. Also in this shot is Lion Rock (at the end of the cove). Generally, rocks that look like people or may be animals tend to pass me by but on this occasion, and from this angle,  I can see the lion likeness.

The geology at Kynance Cove continues to fascinate me and when the tide allows there is a natural tunnel of polished green and red serpentine which connects one part of the beach to another. It is hard to get exposure right in a tunnel but these are some examples of the colours in the rocks:

Looking up from the beach is the eroding cliff-face:

The cove includes an number of stacks and tidal islands:

Finally, this was the last shot of the day. The sun had already set and there was a pleasant afterglow:

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