Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kennack Sands - Photography Week 7 (2016)

A return to last year and a set of previously unpublished images taken at Kennack Sands on the east side the Lizard peninsula, in Cornwall.

The image that caught my eye was one taken towards the end of the day as showers moved across the horizon:

As the sun was setting behind the cliffs, it was reflected in the rock pools that separate the two beaches at Kennack Sands:

Long exposures on the retreating tide can produce some nice trails particularly if there are pebbles or rocks on the beach:

The rock colours and textures at Kennack Sands are really interesting. In common with other locations in the immediate area there exposures of serpentine. Some of this can be seen on the beach in the following wide angle shot and then a selection of close-up shots (my interest in photographing rocks is more about the colours, shape, and texture and whilst every attempt is made to identify the type of rock accurately, mistakes are possible!):

Part of the beach is designated as a nature reserve. I took this record shot with the sun highlighting the reeds:

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