Friday, 17 March 2017

Hoveringham - Photography Week 8 (2017)

The River Trent is currently a gap in my attempts to document aspects of the landscape in the Newark and Sherwood District of Nottinghamshire.

Last year, I spent time visiting some of the locks and weirs and there was one successful landscape taken near Gunthorpe. This year I want to continue to build the portfolio and a walk from Hoverinham towards Hazelford was a good opportunity to explore an area that I have only briefly visited in the past.

The focus for my initial shots was the high tree-lined bank on the Kneeton side of the river. The first image successfully shows the nature of this part of the Trent - aided by some pleasant sunlight. This is followed by a series of different compositions which includes trees on both banks. In some of the shots the river is excluded or only partial visible presenting a more subtle representation of the Trent. I think the falling and fallen trees say something about the power of the river but some of the others studies may only be relevant to the topic if viewed as part of a large panel:

Historical events play a part in telling the story of a place and the memorial to the lost crew of two crashed Lancester bombers is one such example. Sadly, 14 men were killed whilst carrying out separate training exercises in the area in 1945 (1):

Like many of my photographic projects documenting the Newark and Sherwood landscape including the River Trent, will remain open ended. I have a target in mind but completion is reliant on identifying the right compositions and being able to capture them a different times of the day with the 'right' lighting conditions. My recent Robin Hood Hill posts are good example of this process in action.


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