Sunday, 4 October 2015

Photography Week 40

Photography week 40 (28th September - 4th October 2015) included visits to the Ox Stones and London both of which are covered in previous posts. These are a selection of the other photographs from this week:

Robin Hood Hill

Three different views of a hawthorn tree below Robin Hood Hill. The first two views are regular compositions that I repeat across the seasons. The third view is a new composition I spotted as recently as a couple of weeks ago (see the landscape section of my photography week 38 post). The light is much better in this week's shot:


Padley Gorge

Before visiting the Ox Stones on Burbage Moor I took a look at how the autumn colours were developing in Padley Gorge. It is probably three or four weeks too early for peak colours but there was some leaf fall around Burbage Brook. There was also some lingering heather colour looking up to Carl Wark Fort and Higger Tor:


Sherwood Forest

There is some early autumn colour in the forest. I also discovered a plantation right on the edge of the forest which is generally clear of bracken and open to one side. This allowed the light to emphasize the tall shape of the beech trees working well in colour and black and white:

Local Landscape and the Moon

There is no relationship between the two apart from the golden light. The late afternoon sunlight made a composition across a local field and this week's super moon had a legacy glow from the moon eclipse the night before:

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