Sunday, 10 June 2018

Spring on the Southwell Trail - Part 2

As stated in my previous post, spring started with some unseasonal weather with lots of rain and even some snow (see below).

I tried to continue with the Southwell Trail photography whenever the rain eased but often had to abandon the walks - getting soaked for photography started to wear thin after a couple of days!

There were a few breaks in the cloud and I particularly like this image with the sun highlighting the vegetable pickers in one of the fields off the Southwell Trail - although they had my sympathy for working on the land in the wet and presumably muddy conditions:

In this next selection I liked the contrast between the sunlit field, the heavy skies, and the pylon with the wind turbines in the background:

Despite the weather there was a bit of spring on show including some willow catkins, a lesser celadine, and some chickweed flowers:

Completing part two of the spring series are a these wet trail views including snow at the entrance:

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