Monday, 12 February 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 7

There were still pockets of autumn colour along the Southwell Trail in the last week November 2017 - most of it from the oak trees as the leaves die off with a rusty orange brown colour:

A hazel tree and possibly a beech tree were still showing some vibrant colour (I am not totally sure about the beech tree ID, it is hard to be certain from the photo):

Natural reds in the landscape are always eye catching and invariably I find myself trying to capture them with the camera, even if it poses another ID conundrum. Most of the branches in the frame are from a hazel tree as I can see some very early catkins. If this is correct then the berries are growing intertwined with the hazel and look like guelder rose berries although there are no leaves to help make a definite ID:

Lastly, I captured these trees with a definite end of season look:

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