Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 5

The autumn colours that I had been waiting for arrived in November (2017) and I repeated several of the compositions I had taken earlier in the season. Many of the greens that were still evident in October had given way to the autumn pallet of rustic browns, yellows and oranges.

A feature of the trail is the tunnel-like canopy which follows the line of the old railway:

One aspect of the trail I find hard to avoid in photographs are the electric pylons. They radiate their way from the power station at Staythorpe, near Newark, with one main line of pylons crossing the fields in the direction of Mansfield. In this series I have been less fussy about including them in the background and on occasions I have made the power lines a feature of the composition:

During November there were a number fine crisp autumn days with blue skies which made a pleasant change to the mainly overcast and dull October weeks:

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