Monday, 1 January 2018

City of Nottingham War Memorial

Twitter is awash with photographers choosing their favourite images of 2017. Their top 10s have been further reduced to the four best images of the year and there are some excellent collections. 

Being well behind the trend I only started my collection yesterday with the idea of beginning the New Year with a 'best of 2017' blog post. After reviewing a couple of months I stopped the process realising that I don't actually see my photography in terms individual images. 

The photographs that I really like tend to be part of a series and the best series are often associated with a positive photography experience. For example, during the summer I took a series of shots at the war memorial in Nottingham. On that particular day I had felt particularly uninspired but the soft tones, curves and lines of the Portland stone completely changed my mood. For the next hour I was totally engrossed in the subject and came away quite uplifted. 

Six months later, I remember the event as one of my favourite photography outings of 2017. There isn't a particular stand out image in the set but I hope, when viewed as a panel, they convey a sensitivity in keeping with the subject matter and an appropriate appreciation of a magnificent memorial. These are some of the results:

More information about the memorial can be found here:

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