Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Godrevy Towans

Initially I was only going to take a couple of months away from photoblogging but time has moved on so quickly I find myself preparing for the Autumn favourite season of the year.

During the summer I continued with photography but reduced the number of outings with the camera. Instead, I spent more time looking at art, drawing, and reading the type of books that I disliked or couldn't relate to at school. Graphite drawing has taken most of my time, developing techniques whilst using my photographs as subjects. I touched on this in my last post and in the coming weeks I will share some of my latest efforts..

Taking a break was all about improving my photography. I wasn't convinced that I could do this by simply taking more photographs. I wanted to divert my mind to something else in order to gain a new perspective or a new creative drive.

I can't say whether this has worked as yet or whether anything will change. Transitioning from competent landscape photographer to the next level is far more difficult than gaining the initial skills.

Perhaps the merest indicator of something different happening was a trip to Godrevy. It wasn't a photographic visit but more of a day out at lovely location. Into the evening I grabbed the camera with the intention of capturing the essence of the day - without taking a shot of the lighthouse which I have captured many times in the last year or so!

The results were a series of images including reflected light in the standing sea water at low tide. They were taken from the top of a cliff with a long lens.

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