Thursday, 8 June 2017

Robin Hood Way Revisited - Photography Week 18 (2017)

During photography week 13 I posted a set of images from section 16 of the Robin Hood Way, Haughton to Whitewater Bridge (1). This was part of an ongoing project to document aspects of the Newark and Sherwood landscape using the Robin Hood Way as a guide to new locations and points of interest.

As we move more into the spring I was interested in revisiting some of the compositions from March. I was also interested in walking more of this particular path having only got a third of the way earlier in the year.

As it transpired, the deep blue skies and the abundance of green didn't translate as I had hoped. It was great to look at and fine walk but the results did not really move the project forward. When processing the images I looked at a number of options including black and white and ended up with a toned monochrome finish - similar to one of the images from the March set. I then carried this finish onto other photographs taken during the walk and these are some of the results:

Additional note: On reflection I am not totally sure what I think of the results and the mono finish but testing out different images and approaches is all part of trying to progress a photographic project. I was tempted not to post these but I have rarely excluded sets of images from the photo-blog. The blog has never been about showcasing images as there are plenty of other places to do this.

(1) Robin Hood Way. 4th Edition. Robin Hood Way Association. Revised 2012

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