Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bluebells Part 2 - Photography Week 18 (2017)

I remarked in a post from the previous photography week about the variation in colour when photographing bluebells. In particular, I was saying how the ambient light impacts on auto white balance and the difficulty of making appropriate corrections.

This selection of images was taken towards the end of the day with a low sun. Some are taken directly into the light, others a right angles to the light source, and a few into the shade. As a panel they demonstrate how different the colour of bluebells can look when photographed in various lighting conditions. All the images were taken within a 30 minute period:

Technical note: the first image above was processed from one exposure and the second was a blend of three differently exposed images. I think I gained a more natural looking result in the first image even though there was some burn out in the highlights. Blending three exposures managed the dynamic range better but introduced a greater colour variation between the bluebells in shadow and those highlighted by the sunlight.


  1. Your technical note I found interesting as I personally felt the first image was my favourite! And, looking back, I do agree it looks much more natural than the second one

  2. Thanks Dave. The first image is my favourite as well. I think the transition between the lights and the darks are better - less harsh than the second image. It is worth spending a bit of time trying to get the exposure right at capture stage and sometimes a few blown highlights are not the end of the world - particularly when shooting directly into the light.