Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Curbar & Froggatt Edges - Photography Week 11 (2016)

A step back one year to March 2016 and set of images taken on Curbar and Froggatt Edges in the Peak District. These were not processed at the time due to a back log in processing and a desire to post more up-to-date work.

If I remember correctly, the trip to Curbar Edge was a brief opportunity for some Peak District photography before returning to Cornwall. Judging by the flow of the images I had walked from Curbar Gap to Froggatt Edge for the start of the golden hour light and then working my way back as the sun continued to drop. The light was particularly good on all the foreground elements but it was a bit hazy in the valley below.

Froggatt Pinnacle was about the furthest point I reached. The pinnacle is the large stack in the third image:

On the way back there were good views of the edge face bathed in the warm evening light:

About 45 minutes earlier I had taken a similar shot on the journey to the pinnacle rock. The light changes very quickly at this time of day from a harsh yellows to softer warmer tones:

I finished the evening with shots of the abandoned millstones in fading light:


  1. Despite having been there so many times, I have never noticed how quickly the light changes like you captured in those two pictures - it looks like a totally different day!

    1. One of the reasons I enjoy photography is an increased awareness of light and conditions. Taking pictures is less about the results in print or on the screen and more about looking, seeing and experiencing different places in different conditions - in many ways the camera is an enabler for this.