Monday, 20 March 2017

Godrevy - Photography Week 9 (2016)

This is a set of images taken last year on Godrevy beach in Cornwall. At the time I was behind on processing images and I skipped a number of weeks to concentrate on more up-to-date work. I had also taken many images from this location and was eager to move on. With hindsight, I might have under-estimated the lovely evening light:

Also, looking closely at some my unprocessed shots I realised that I forgotten about the sunlight reflected back from the lighthouse giving the impression that the warning light was switch on. In reality, Godrevy Lighthouse has not been used since 2012 and the tower light has been replaced by LED lights on the far side of the island. I suspect that mirrors would still be in place inside the tower and these may have caused the concentration of reflected light:

These are selection of the alternative compositions taken on the day:

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