Thursday, 8 December 2016

Kynance Cove - Photography Week 41 (2016)

On one of the few fine weather days during photography week 41 (10th to 16th October 2016), I made the trip to Kynance Cove. And, despite the time of year, there were plenty of people on the beach and some were brave enough to go for a swim. This meant waiting for the wide angle shots until the beach had cleared:

Later on the cliffs there was a pleasant afterglow - the sun had dipped behind cloud on the horizon losing about 20 minutes of direct sunlight:

Earlier, as the tide was retreating, the late afternoon sun was reflected back from the cliffs onto the wet sand creating a golden glow. I tried to capture this with a number abstract compositions. The square format images were taken with a compact camera using its naturally wide depth of field. The landscape / portrait versions were taken with a DLSR and a telephoto lens. This option provided a more creative depth of field but posed questions about selecting a point of focus and, now looking at the results, whether the out of focus areas are actually too districting:

Finally, some sand patterns on the beach:

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Best of the Rest - Photography Week 40 & 41 (2016)

These are a selection of images taken during photography weeks 40 & 41 (3rd to 16th October, 2016) which were not included in previous posts:

Falmouth Harbour

The weather during early October was fairly indifferent and much of the week's photography was confined to close-up or abstract style compositions.

As I was passing the harbour in Falmouth at low tide, I took these shots of the inner wall lined with upright pieces of stone:

On a separate day, I captured these reflections at high tide:

Rock Studies

Rock studies on the seafront in Falmouth are one of my favourite subjects - as I have mentioned in a number of posts. What I have not included previously is a photograph that provides context to the close-up studies. Here I include an image taken near Castle Sands looking towards Pendennis Point and Castle. The low tide reveals the rock formation which provides the basis for the rock studies:

Falmouth Docks

The viewing area for Falmouth docks is high on a hillside. There is always plenty of activity with large ships receiving maintenance in the dry dock. On this occasion one of the ships had been fitted with a protective blue tarpaulin skirt:

Autumn Colours

Hints of autumn colour are beginning to show:

Street Art

There is probably a thin dividing line between graffiti and some street art. I guess it comes down to the purpose of the painting and what it is communicating. Some of the designs and colours are quite eye-catching:

Truro Cathedral

Lastly, looking up at Truro Cathedral with sunlight against heavy skies:

Monday, 5 December 2016

Nansidwell - Photography Weeks 9 & 40 (2016)

Earlier in the year I skipped four weeks of photo processing in favour of posting more current images. Despite the good intention, it wasn't long before I was behind again and, as we enter December, I am still processing October's images.

Included in the latest week's photos are a set of images taken at Nansidwell, a small cove in between Maenporth and Mawnan Smith in Falmouth Bay (labelled Bream cove on several online maps). As I started to write the post, I was reminded of a half-forgotten image taken in early spring and, searching through the catalogue, I found it was in one of the skipped weeks. Better late than never, here it is:

It was chance capture taken from the road that leads to Nansidwell. I had seen the rainbow as I parked and, walking back along the lane, I eventually found an opening with a field of daffodils. In some ways I find it more satisfying to look at images out of season. I think it has something to do with not being able to get out and repeat, or better, the photograph - the time, the season, has well and truly passed.

More early spring was evident on the day with this primrose growing on the pleasant wooded path down to the beach at Nansidwell:

Whilst on the beach, I concentrated on the rock formations as foreground interest but the photography was quickly curtailed by rain - if I remember correctly:

The conditions for the images taken in October were fairly similar, dull with frequent showers. This time I focussed on the detail of the rock formations with the following results: