Monday, 9 May 2016

Land's End - Photography Week 15 (2016)

Back in September 2015, we spent a warm sunny afternoon at Land's End. I captured a few landscapes as a record of the visit before moving on to St Michael's Mount.

This week, we returned in much colder conditions. There was a stiff northerly breeze but it was clear and bright. After a cliff walk to Sennen Cove, I aimed to retake a couple of September's compositions in evening "golden hour" light. 

The key difference when lining up the shots was the angle of the sun. In September, the sun was broadly at right angles to the cliff. Now it had moved about 20 degrees forcing the compositions more inland and reducing the shooting angle. I had to fight against lens flare in one direction and then avoid the shadow of the tripod in the other direction.

Whilst these conditions can be frustrating, a little thought and a willingness to compromise still produced some worthwhile results. Overall, the experience adds to the learning at this particular venue which will be useful if I get the chance to return later in the year.

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