Saturday, 30 January 2016

Helford River - Photography Week 48 (2015)

Being very behind on my processing has the advantage of looking at images with a fresh eye. 

When I visited the Helford River in Cornwall on a dull and rainy day in November (2015) I knew that I would struggle to capture the location's true potential. Whilst I spent sometime enjoying the day and the scenery I also started to imagine compositions in better light and perhaps a different time of year. I mentally logged long stretches of river lined with trees and the potential for Autumn colours later in the year. 

Having now had an opportunity to review my images from the trip I realised that I had largely forgotten about a set of rock studies taken on the day near Durgan. Increasingly, I have become very interested in the coastal geology around Falmouth and The Lizard complex - more on that in later posts. The attraction of photographing geology besides being mostly unaffected by flat light, seasons, and weather conditions, is the variety of colours, patterns and shapes. These were some of the results:



Also taken on the day were a few mono tree studies:


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