Monday, 8 January 2018

Misty Pines

Searching back through some old photographs, I came across a set of unprocessed images taken in Clipstone Forest in November 2015. I can see that I was busy with other photographic projects at the time but it is unusual for me to overlook a complete photographic outing.

Having now has an opportunity to review the files, I can see two main themes: sunrays through the mist in a pine wood and then autumn colours in the forest which I will cover in separate post.

Of the pine wood shots, I particularly like the first image with sunrays angled behind the strong vertical of the pine trunk. The next two images zoom more into the mist with a reduced depth of field. This creates a softness away from the point of focus and produces a less conventional composition:

Completing this post are selection of wider angle shots of the wood. These were taken before the mist gave way to the sunshine which then lasted for the rest of the day:


  1. Very moody! Strong start to the New Year! I was surprised by your pic of favourite series of the year but I can see how you can get lost in the shapes and architecture at the war memorial, it's so clean cut and beautifully kept

    1. Thanks Dave. I guess I was making a distinction between favourite photographs and favourite photography - or perhaps put another way - which is more important, the fish or fishing? For me, it is the positive experiences that I remember the most and if a great photograph coincides with this - all the better!

    2. Yeh I get that and I like the distinction! The fishing is always more fun than eating the fish