Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Clipstone Forest (October 2017)

If autumn colour was in short supply in Sherwood Forest, I found some in Clipstone Forest a couple of days later. In particular, I noticed that a few of the oaks trees had started changing colour and the best shot came with a bit of late afternoon sunlight:

These are some of the other oak tree images taken on the day. At the time I assumed they were all pictures of the common oak. On review though, I am not totally sure. The leaves do have the classic lobes associated with oaks but some seem larger and more pointed. Looking at tree identification books I am wondering whether some the subjects are different oak species, e.g. the red oak, although I can't tell for certain. This might explain why there was oak colour in Clipstone Forest that was absent in Sherwood Forest.

As soon as I had written the above paragraph I was reminded of tree I photographed in Sherwood Forest at the beginning of October. It had some very vibrant colours which stood out from the surrounding trees due to its early colour change. By zooming in I can see some similarities in the leaf shape between this tree and the ones in Clipstone Forest. At the time, I thought this was a type of maple but now I wonder whether it is a red oak:

I will probably end up being totally wrong with my amateur identification but either way the blog is about the photography rather than dendrology (...and yes, I had to look that up as well!).

Back to the photography and possibly may favourite shot of the day. No autumn colours in this moody almost monochrome image:

Last but not least, a boggy pool near to Strawberry Hill Heath and two shots of young trees growing at the edge of one of the pine tree plantations:

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