Thursday, 4 January 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 3

The project to document autumn on the Southwell Trail continued through October 2017. Gradually I could see the leaves changing colour although the real rustic colours autumn were a couple of weeks away.

In this selection I have concentrated on capturing the canopy over the trail in different lighting conditions starting with one of the few sunny days in the month. The sun can be a real advantage when trying to draw out the colours as demonstrated in the first two images but too much brightness  makes it harder to control the exposure as shown in third image below.

A framing technique can be used to control the light and build a composition. It works best when shaded areas are used to form the frame as the viewing eye is drawn into the composition. A square crop also enhances this effect:

When the frame is constructed of sunlit areas the composition is less effective:

On the many occasion in October when the light was dull and flat I tried to use the natural colours to form the compositions. These are pleasant images and represent the trail well but the lack of light reduces their impact when compared to some of the other photographs in this post.

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