Saturday, 1 April 2017

Robin Hood Hill Walk - Photography Week 11 (2017)

The Robin Hood Way is more than 100 miles of footpaths connecting the City of Nottingham to Sherwood Forest including 14 additional circular countryside walks.

Circular Walk 6 is the Robin Hood Hill Walk which starts, and ends, at St Michael's Church in Farnsfield (1). The return loop crosses farmland from Greaves Lane to Millennium Woods and it was this stretch that provided the subject matter for the following set of photographs.

Common to all the images in the set is the impact of light on the landscape. In some ways these are very ordinary countryside scenes which are brought alive by different lighting conditions. These were taken as the sun started to break through the clouds:

As the skies cleared the conditions became much brighter with a greater level of contrast, particularly when looking in the direction of the light. A black and white conversion is one way to make most of this type of lighting:

Finally, classic side and over the shoulder lighting on a group trees that have featured in a number of previous posts. I would say these are the best conditions to date for this particular location:

(1) Descriptions of all walks on the Robin Hood Way including maps can be found in the Robin Hood Way guide, 4th Edition, published by the Robin Hood Way Association

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