Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dollar Cove - Photography Week 42 (2016)

Following on from yesterday's post is another draft from last year which I see no reason to edit (apart from the normal typos, grammar errors, misused words etc.). It has relevance for the direction of my photography during 2017.

During 2016, I have developed an interest in intimate landscape photography. Broadly included in this genre are compositions selected from the wider landscape often excluding the sky. Given this broad definition, the possibilities are endless yet they can be difficult to find and capture.

There maybe photographers that can naturally see pictures and simplify complex scenes, but that it not me. I need to practice, make errors, hopefully learn from them, and then try again. Setting practice targets is part of improving my photography.

The trip to Dollar Cove was centred on a rock formation that I had seen on previous visits. When the tide turns in this location the rocks do not seem to fully dry out. As a result, there are stripes running down from the undulations in the surface. With a bit of imagination they look like a miniature mountain range.

I have tried to capture the striped effect previously but struggled to get the right point of view and sufficient depth of field. This time I tried multiple shots with different focus points and then applied a focus stacking process in Adobe Photoshop. These were some of the results. Technically, I am happier with the outcomes but more neutral on the compositions:

Eventually the incoming tide washed over the subject matter:

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