Sunday, 4 December 2016

Godrevy Lighthouse and Rocks - Photography Week 40

Back in May 2016, I took a series of images from the rocks in front of Godrevy Lighthouse in Cornwall. In the subsequent post I said that there would be better days to capture some of the compositions and these are the results from my latest visit.

The difference between the results in May and my latest visit is the angle of the setting sun which has moved by approximately 45 degrees. Instead of shooting broadly into the light, as I did in May, there is now side lighting on the rocks and the lighthouse. The results are less harsh, the tones are warmer, and tools like polarising and graduated filters are more effective:

Whilst waiting for the light to move into the golden hour, I started looking in more detail at the rock formation. The bedrock at Godrevy is mud and sandstone and forms part of the Devonian Porthtowan Formation. The section in front of the lighthouse takes a real pounding from the sea and has a salty, bleached appearance with many pits and grooves. I tried to represent this in a series of abstract photographs plus a wider angle context shot:

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