Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gunwalloe (Photography Week 1 - 2016)

The first meaningful outing with the camera in 2016 was a trip to Gunwalloe on The Lizard peninsula, Cornwall.

From the National Trust car park there is access to Church Cove and Jangye-ryn (also known as Dollar Cove) via the coastal path. Church Cove is best known for the 15th century Church of Saint Winwalloe which shelters behind the cliff between the two coves. The church can be seen in this photograph from the coastal path above Church Cove:

Whilst walking the coastal path I probably captured the best images of the day. The morning had started quite brightly but gradually the cloud moved in with some heavy showers. Most of the showers blew across quickly in the windy conditions providing excellent and dramatic weather watching opportunities:

Towards late afternoon, in between showers, there were a few opportunities to capture seascapes at the exotic sounding Jangye-ryn. This is probably the most interesting cove at Gunwalloe for photography. There are plenty of rocks for compositional impact and these were some of the results:

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