Thursday, 24 March 2016

Early Wildflowers - Photography Week 12 (2016)

In the verges of the road around Pendennis Castle in Falmouth are many white flowering plants which I have identified as three-cornered leeks (Allium triquetrum). They have been flowering for a least a month and this week I made time to dust down the macro lens and take a few shots.

Three-cornered leeks have a very delicate white bell shaped flower with a green stripe. Up close they have an onion or garlic smell particularly when the leaves are crushed.

Whilst photographing the leeks, I was surprised at the range of other blooms in the hedge rows and cliff tops. To document these I decided to temporarily dispense with my week-by-week posts and jump straight from photography week 1 to week 12 - it seems more relevant to show these now rather than some point in the summer when I have caught up with my image processing.

These are some of the results. Note: I try to get the correct identification of the flowers using books and web searches but errors are always possible!

Three-Cornered Leeks

Sea Campion

Lesser Periwinkle

Common Dog Violet


Lesser Celandine

Red Campion

Herb Robert


Blackthorn Blossom (I think)

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