Monday, 15 February 2016

The Sea - Photography Week 50 (2015)

Having spent a couple of weeks in Cornwall concentrating mainly on coastal landscapes, I realised that I had not really tried to capture the sea as a primary subject. 

In many of my recent images I have used the sea to facilitate a sense of the place in my photographs with the dominant subject being a landmark like a beach, castle or a lighthouse. As part of the wider landscape, the sea can be a very useful and dynamic compositional aid particularly when slow shutter speeds are used to introduce and emphasize movement.
Deciding to removing all other compositional elements and focusing solely on the sea turned out to be an interesting photographic challenge. Ideally, I wanted to capture the dynamic nature of the sea - the roll of the ocean, the push and pull of the water on the shore, and the power of breaking waves. 

I experimented with different shutter speeds but didn't quite get the finish I was after. I then tried mirroring the wave motion with camera movement and this produced better results. Moving the camera added an unexpected texture to the sea capturing some of the chaos in the movement and more of an abstract feel to the final results.



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