Thursday, 4 February 2016

Godrevy Lighthouse - Photography Week 49 (2015)

One of the challenges of coastal photography is keeping the lens and filters free from sea spray. Often the spray is so fine it is hard to spot and near impossible to wipe away without smears. If left for too long it has the effect of softening or diffusing the image. Most of time this is damaging to the final result but on other occasions, like this visit to the beach at Gwithian, it added to the creative process.

The trip to the beach at Gwithian and Godrevy Lighthouse in Cornwall was planned for low tide and the forecast for the day was dry with some sunny spells that didn't really materialise. There was also a strong wind blowing off the sea creating a sea spray mist along the beach reducing the visibility in the distance and placing a constant coating of fine salty spray on the lens and filters.

Whilst flat light and reduced visibility do not sound like ideal conditions for landscape photography there is a creative potential from the low dynamic range and limited colour palette. I particularly enjoy this type of photography. I think the results are more challenging for the viewer than a traditional balance of bright highlight, deep shadow and front to back sharpness. For some viewers the results might look washed out, devoid of contrast and colour and for others there is subtlety and perhaps a hint of impressionism.


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