Thursday, 11 February 2016

Best of the Rest - Photography Week 49 (2015)

 These are a few additional images from photography week 49 (December 2015) which I think are worth showing.

Kennall Vale

Kennall Vale is the site of an old gunpowder factory near Ponsanooth now managed by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The River Kennall flows through the valley and was used as a source of power in the production of the gunpowder. There are remains of old factory buildings across the site and in later posts I will cover this in more detail. During this visit I focused on the flow of the water under a river bridge before getting rained off for the day:


Cornish geology is really interesting and some of the colours are stunning. This is a section of slate in the cliffs at Gwithian:

Sand Patterns

Also at Gwithian were these patterns in the sand. I probably think that most photographers suffer from the odd bout of pareidolia - the tendency to see meaningful representations (e.g. people or animals) in random patterns. In my final image below there is a definite outline of a mermaid in the sand!



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