Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Ox Stones

This is my first visit to the Ox Stones in the Peak District. The stones are on Burbage Moor near Ringinglow and Lady Canning's Plantation.

A first visit involves scouting the shape of the rocks for composition purposes and assessing the angle of the light. Some of this can be prepared using apps like the Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) but direct experience of the venue can't really be beaten. And, as I discovered, the Ox Stones look completely different depending on the camera angle and shooting position.  

Overall, I favour one composition where a small overhang or peak is visible to the right of the frame. Having made this decision aids like TPE come into their own. I can now see that the angle of the light at sunrise or sunset in November, December and January is probably better for my favoured composition. On this visit the sun's angle was a little straight on these shots and light is therefore a touch too harsh. In the winter months there looks to be a greater potential for more subtle side lighting.

These are some of the results from this visit including a shot of the nearby trig point and a view across a fairly barren Burbage Moor:




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