Sunday, 20 September 2015

Photography Week 38 - Wildflowers and Landscapes

Photography week 38 is covered in two parts: surfaces and textures in a previous post and wildflowers and landscapes in this post.


Over the summer I have been documenting the wildflowers on the Southwell Trail. The Southwell Trail was previously a railway line that connected Rolleston (via Southwell) to Mansfield between 1871 and 1968 although passenger trains stopped in the 1920s. The trail was then purchased by the County Council in the 1970s and is now a nature reserve used by walkers and cyclists.

The Friends of the Southwell Trail survey the wildflowers on an annual basis and I have joined their survey on a couple of occasions over the summer. These are some of the results from this week:

Field Pansy

Common Toadflax

Field Scabious

White Harebells

St. John's Wort


N.B. I try hard to identify each wildflower correctly however with so many variations mistakes are inevitable!


The local fields are starting to look autumnal. These shots were taken with a telephoto lens. For the second shot I focused on the light in mid foreground with a narrow depth of field. This has the effect of softening the building and trees and fields in the background. Whilst this is unconventional in a landscape I think it adds atmosphere to the image:

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