Sunday, 20 September 2015

Photography Week 38 - Surfaces and Textures

Week 38 is in two parts - surfaces and textures in this post and wildflowers and landscapes covered separately.

Surfaces and textures are an interesting theme in photography. They are all around us yet mostly go unnoticed in any detail. From a photographic perspective they are integral in developing the art of seeing.

I don't really want to get too philosophical about photography and art as I don't know enough to make an informed comment. My experience of developing seeing through photography simply comes from a desire to not only to look more but to actively get involved with a subject in order to create a digital representation. When the subjects become more numerous and perhaps obscure I know that I am making progress. This week's pictures are a good illustration of this!

The Path

There are many footpaths close to home that cross agricultural fields. Over the summer the surface has dried out and cracked around stones that have become imbedded. These are a few of compositions I created:


Lichen on old gravestones provide an array of patterns and textures. I think it is important to be very respectful to people's resting places and I hope that sensitively captured images don't cause any offence:


Plastics don't have a great reputation for aesthetic appeal. The reality of covering straw or hay bales in a plastic film seems to remove the aesthetic appeal of the bale but for the second time this summer I have photographed the covering as a textured surface:

Leaves on Water 

The fallen leaves create a textured surface on the water:

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