Saturday, 5 September 2015

Photography Week 36

Photography Week 36 is a retrospective look at some of the images taken during between 31st August to 6th September 2015.


Lots of rain around this week. I tried to capture this with a number of raindrop compositions. The key decision when photographing raindrops is where to place the point of focus. Sometimes the best shot is to focus right into the droplet so the reflections become the subject of the picture. Other times the shape of the droplet is more important than the reflection. In these circumstances the point of focus is the surface holding the raindrop. I used both methods in these shots:


Pines tend to have a bit more colour when they are wet. When taking these shots I had to use a higher than normal ISO (2500) and a slightly more open aperture to get a reasonable shutter speed. This combination seemed to give the images an interesting textual finish. There is very little post processing on these images:

Common Garden Spider

I was actually more interested in the light on the web than the spider - especially the diagonal strand from the centre to the bottom right hand corner:


This is one of my local fields and I have a quite a few images of this ash tree but this is the first with a rainbow.

Wild Fruits

I have been documenting the wildflowers on the Southwell trail over the summer and now some of the fruits: the blue berries or sloes are blackthorn fruit and are used for making sloe gin; the bright red berries are guilder rose berries which can be used for making wine; and the orange red fruits are rose hips from the dog rose (Rosa canina).

Whilst not a fruit, I was intrigued by this growth on a dog rose bush. It is actually a rose Bedeguar gall which is a chemically induced distortion of an unopened leaf caused by a gall wasp. 

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