Friday, 25 September 2015


A visit to Cornwall was an ideal opportunity for some landscape / seascape photography. My principle target was St Michael's Mount, a well photographed location but one that I had not visited before.

The aim was to get to Marazion (and St Michael Mount) for the evening golden hour and then, depending on the weather, for dawn the following day. With the best part of the day to wait for the evening light we visited the picturesque town of Falmouth followed by Land's end.

These are some of the results from Falmouth with Land's End and St Michael's Mount covered in separate posts.



Morgawr (Bronze Age Replica Boat) & Maritime Museum

Falmouth Docks

Pendennis Rise gives a high view of the dock area and the town of Falmouth. Across the inner harbour a farmer was applying a harrow to the land.


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