Monday, 21 January 2019

Autumn, Sherwood Forest (November 2018) - Part 3

The final stop in my photography tour around Sherwood Forest was an oak wood managed as part of the Sherwood Grazing Project (see my post, Sherwood Forest, March 2018, for more information about the project). I had only short time to capture the remaining light as the sun was already very low in the sky and starting to fade. The autumn colours, however, were exceptional as they had been all day and I was pleased to end my trip to the forest with some autumn oak tree shots:

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Autumn, Sherwood Forest - Part 2 (November 2018)

The silver birch is such an elegant tree with its slim trunk curving high into the canopy where the head of fine leaves and twigs weep gracefully in search of light.

Separating my photography into tree types (oak, red oak, beech, birch etc) is a recent development - perhaps in the last year or so. It follows my greater awareness of their identities and individual characteristics (leaf shapes, bark patterns, their flowers and their fruits). I have also been inspired by Peter Wohlleben's book, The Hidden Life Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate and I think anyone reading this book will never see trees in quite the same way!

As a result, I feel my tree photography has really improved. I no longer arrive at a wooded area, camera in hand, and just see a mass of trees. Instead I am more able to cut through the complexity and refine my compositions. The more I see, the more I marvel at the beauty of trees and the greater satisfaction I get gain from the activity.

Hopefully, this love of trees translates through my photography and having posted images of the autumn beech trees in my previous post, I now concentrate on the birch trees from the same visit to Sherwood Wood. I selected the following three images for my Flickr page. On first edit, these were the ones I liked the best:

As I now add more images to this post, there are a few of these that I would be tempted to add to my favourites e.g. I like the second one below, it is the sort of image I had in my mind when writing my opening paragraph although I will never make a poet!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Autumn, Sherwood Forest (November 2018)

Having been concerned that I might be missing out on this years autumn colours (see my post, Clipstone Forest), I found myself visiting Sherwood Forest at just the right time. The colours were fantastic and the weather was perfect for the photography. As a result, I ended up with an embarrassment of autumn images which I will try to break down over a series of posts. Hopefully, these posts will reflect the sheer enjoyment of the photography experience rather than any inability to properly edit my work!

This first selection features beech trees near to Hanger Hill Wood. I take photographs in this area regularly during the year. It tends to be very peaceful and being a reasonable distance from the visitor centre I rarely meet anyone on the paths: