Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Abandoned Hotel - Part 3

The remaining photographs in the abandoned hotel series includes one particularly impressive piece of art work. I have no idea who is depicted in the mural or whether it has any cultural significance...my comments therefore simply reflect the artistic impact of the wall painting:

There was some evidence that people had used the hotel's apartment or bedroom spaces as temporary homes - although I saw nobody whilst I was walking around the building:

Finally, the building has collapsed at one end and it looked fire damaged:

Right, that concludes all the photographs of the abandoned hotel. Hopefully I managed to convey something of its eerie scale, isolation, and derelict nature -  there was a strange silence as I walked around the building which I found quite disconcerting and although I enjoyed the photography I was pleased to start the journey back towards Playa Blanca.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Abandoned Hotel - Part 2

In my previous post I set the scene for some photographs of an abandoned hotel in Lanzarote. Here I show shots taken at the rear of the building which I think includes window spaces that would have formed corridors had the building ever been finished. There is also an underground entrance which may have been designed to accommodate store rooms or possibly the kitchens.....whatever was intended the building is now in a poor state - eventually it will be demolished I guess....

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Abandoned Hotel - Part 1

About five miles outside Playa Blanca in Lanzarote is an abandoned hotel which I believe is called Hotel de los Charcones. I had seen it from distance on a previous walk and decided to investigate further.

Up close the building is huge with a couple of three story accommodation wings off a central complex which presumably would have included the entrance, lobby, restaurants etc. had it ever been finished. All that remains today is a concrete shell, lots of graffiti, and some evidence of squatter occupation of the apartment or bedroom spaces.

Having made the long walk from Pechiguerca lighthouse, I tried to make the most of the photographic opportunity and these are some of the results. This first selection sets the context for some of later shots by showing the approach to the hotel including one taken from the top of Montana Rouge which shows the position of the hotel on the coast:

The hotel has great position on the coast and I was interested in why it was never finished. A quick search on the internet revealed several stories including: a lack of a building permit when construction started in the 1970s; something to do with German businessmen and bankruptcy; it remains abandoned because it is too expensive to pull down; and it was going to be a golf complex but the land was too barren for growing grass! Whatever the reason it is stands isolated and derelict with a distinctly ghostly appearance.