Friday, 20 July 2018

Three Locations in May

During May there were a number of occasions when I went out walking in different locations taking some photographs along the way. I was going to pass over the photos and not post them, and then decided I could group them together in one post.... with an unimaginative title!

Woodborough Park

The first location is Woodborough Park Farm where there is a pleasant walk from a car parking area towards Woodborough village. There is also a circular walk around the farm but I didn't have time to complete this. I have taken many photographs from this path over the years but this was the first visit in 2018:

Clumber Park  

The lake walk at Clumber Park is wonderful and it is a location where I would like to do more photography. On this occasion it was very bright and sunny, which was great for the walk, but not too good for the photography. These were a few photographs I took as a record of the visit:


Earlier in the month I covered this location in the post 'Spring in Farnsfield'. At the time most of the trees where still leafless but now they have filled out ready for summer. I did spot one tree still in the spring transitional phase and it became the focus for a couple of the shots:

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