Sunday, 22 July 2018

Spring on the Southwell Trail - Part 16 (May 2018)

By the end of May there was a full canopy of leaves along the Southwell Trail. In places the trail had become quite dark with the thick foliage blocking the light but where there were gaps in the trees there were also some very bright patches, making it hard to balance the exposures for the photography.

Initially I waited for cloudy days to avoid the extremes of highlight and shadow but then decided to embrace the conditions by exposing for the brightest highlight and then adjusting the shadows in post processing. These were some of the results including some of the cloudy day shots:

A few weeks earlier I had photographed my favourite ash trees just as the leaves on the trees were starting to fill out, now they were fully prepared for summer:

I also photographed the fields along the trail at the beginning of May shortly after they had been ploughed. Now, towards the end of the month, the first green shoots of a new crop were beginning to show:

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