Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 10

Mid December (2017) saw a more significant but short-lived fall of snow and a new perspective on some familiar compositions along the Southwell Trail. When I starting documenting autumn on the trail I wasn't totally sure whether there would be enough variation to keep the series going for the whole season but just as I think it is time to call a halt a new set of conditions present themselves. As I write in February (2018) I am still taking photos of the trail as part of a winter series - more on that in future posts.

December's light dusting of snow combined well with some fine high cloud and streaks of blue sky   providing an opportunity to recapture the ash trees on the path between the Southwell Trail and the Hexgreave Estate:

The snow also gave some additional emphasis to the line of the trail making it easier to visualise its original use as a railway:

More of the snow seemed to accumulate at the entrance to the trail which was the former Farnsfield railway station. The original buildings are now residential properties including the old goods store which dates from the 1870's - shown in the first image below:

Finally, these are a selection of close-ups and intimate landscapes taken along the trail using the snow to aid the compositions:

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 9

Despite the chill from the first snow of the season, the low December sun warmed some of the lingering colours of autumn.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 8

Documenting the seasonal changes on the Southwell Trail continued into December (2017). The official end to autumn was still a couple of week  away (21st December) but it was beginning to look more like winter with many of the trees having lost their  leaves. I did spot one apple tree with hanging fruit (last image below) so the seasonal transition was not totally complete!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Robin Hood Hill (September 2017)

Since I stopped posting my images in strict date order some of the photograph sessions have either been by-passed or completely forgotten.

It was only a visit to Robin Hood Hill in the last couple of weeks that got me searching back into the catalogue for a picture of the tree that had fallen down in the fields below the hill -see previous post.

Whilst searching I can across this set of images from September 2017.

I really enjoy Robin Hood Hill as a photographic venue. It is one of the few places locally where there is height and open views. The compositions tend to repeat on each visit but the photography is more about the lighting conditions on the day rather than originality. There is always a bit of scope for something different and on this occasion I made a couple of simple compositions using the shape of the hill and the clouds, and then one picking out some lines and angles in a field below the hill: