Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Autumn on the Southwell Trail - Part 2

The theme for part two of 'autumn on the Southwell Trail' is leaves in the early part of the season with some signs of the colours beginning change. I start with a selection of close-up studies of ash, beech and field maple leaves:

I try to identify as many of the trees, shrubs, and wildflowers growing along the trail. I see this as part of gaining a wider appreciation of the local environment. That said, I will select my subjects based on shape, colour and light rather than their identity. Later, I might try to identify species using reference books or internet searches.  

I mention this as I am unsure about the identity of the next few images. I am confident that the leaves  in first image belongs to one of the rose family shrubs that are common along the trail but I have no idea for the other two. 

The next selection includes wider angle shots of horse chestnut, silver birch, possibly black popular, and maybe bird cherry (I say possibly and maybe as I have identified the trees solely from the photographs):

More straightforward  to identify are these ash trees with some of the leaves starting to change from green to yellow:

Hawthorn is common on the trail and at this time of year there are plenty of haws. On a nearby bush I also spotted a Red Admiral butterfly:

Finally, there are a few areas of the trail that are carpeted in fallen leaves:

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