Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Strawberry Hill - Photography Week 18 (2017)

Strawberry Hill is a site of special scientific interest in a wider area of Clipstone Forest. It has featured in a number of posts over the autumn and winter period. As we now enter spring there is a short period of time where the new growth emerges and the greens are fresh and vibrant.

Capturing vibrant greens in digital photography can be a challenge particularly in post processing. There is a thin line between vibrant and over luminous and unrealistic. It is always best to stay away from any slider that might saturate the yellows and the greens.

I often feel that woodland photography is best done in flat lighting conditions with the light overhead. This allows for a more balanced exposure that tends to suit the greens:

Having originally set out looking for spring colours I ended up getting diverted by a pool near to Strawberry Hill which I think is a remnant from the past mining activity in the area.  The breeze had picked up creating ripples across the surface of the water and I started focusing on these movements to create a series of black and white abstract images:

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