Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sherwood Forest - Photography Week 14 (2017)

This is a set of photographs from the first  full week in April and an attempt to capture the early spring greens in Sherwood Forest. The emergence of new colour is part of the photographic calendar and one of the most enjoyable times of year.

Particularly enjoyable is the subtle array of pastel colours that form this time of year as the leaves transition to the full summer greens. The subtlety however can be hard to capture so I wanted to start early in the season with a walk from the pull-in on Swinecote Road to the Hanger Hill Wood area of the forest.

The following image is my favourite from the walk. I liked the shape of the young tree growing behind the more mature beech tree. The shape is emphasised by the sprouting green leaves and then balanced with dots of green in the top left of the composition. At ground level there is rustic winter colour which contrasts nicely with the new growth.

An alternative composition zooms to the middle portion of the scene. The closer composition is less forgiving of the leaves blowing in the wind and even at 1/250 sec the movement is still evident when viewed at full size. Depending on your point of view this either provides an impressionists representation of the leaves or it is a technical deficiency...and therefore blurred.

These are a selection of other photographs that try to pick out early spring colour. I tried compositions which focus directly on the leaves in the foreground and others where the colour is behind the main subject.

Close to the Hanger Hill Wood area of the forest is a beech tree wood which I photographed in the autumn. When I arrived there was evidence of the characteristic slender leaf buds emerging but no green. It still looked a lot like winter apart from some colour from a plantation in the background:

These are a selection of other composition taken on the day that have a bare winter feel to them:

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