Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Robin Hood Way - Photography Week 13 (2017)

This set of images is a continuation of a project to document aspects of the Newark and Sherwood landscape using the Robin Hood Way as a guide to new locations and points of interest.

On this occasion I selected Section 16 of the Robin Hood Way, Haughton to Whitewater Bridge (1), but only managed to cover a third of the walk. There were several long waits for the light to change with some stubborn cloud in front of the sun.

Most of the photography centred around a large oak near to the path and two others further away - one which looks to be dead. The compositions include a couple of monochrome versions as I am yet to determine any particular style for the project:

Trees in the landscape will probably be one of the defining features of the project. At this stage though, it simply as case of establishing potential subjects and decided the type of conditions that might suit them best e.g. time of year or different weather conditions. These are some of the other tree compositions on this section of the path:

The same approach applies to other features of the Robin Hood Way including points of interest. On this particular stretch is the remains of the 11th century Houghton Chapel (2) notable for its Norman architecture. Currently, it looks like there is restoration work taking place at the site which I have recorded below.

Finally, some record shots of the path which will be a subject covered by the project. Again, it is a case of establishing compositions that can be revisited in different conditions and at different times of the year.

(1) Robin Hood Way. 4th Edition. Revised 2012. Robin Hood Way Association.
(2) http://www.nottshistory.org.uk/articles/tts/tts1931/haughtonchapel.htm

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