Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wollaton Park - Photography Week 8 (2017)

With an hour to kill in Nottingham, I had walk around Wollaton Park stopping at one of the large beech trees. The cascading branches with withered leaves and beech husks silhouetted nicely against a predominately grey sky:

Close ups of the pitted bark and roots completed the profile of a fine tree:

 Not too far from the beech tree was a chestnut tree (judging from the bark patterns):

The wall which marks some of the park's boundary is full of colour and texture. There is something pleasing about the imperfect uniformity of old walls:

Finally, a few of paths and treescapes which look a little flat in the grey conditions. Despite this, it was an enjoyable hour and a demonstration that photography is perhaps less about the final output (the image on the page or screen) and more about the mindful experience of looking and seeing colour, texture, and pattern in everyday places.

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