Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sherwood Oak - Photography Week 5 (2017)

In winter, when the bracken has died down, it is possible to get close up to the ancient oak trees in Sherwood Forest. Although these trees are in the final phase of life they display an array colour, shape and texture:

This set of images comes from one particular tree and starts with a wider angle portrait of the trunk and then a series of close up studies:

Monday, 27 February 2017

Robin Hood Hill - Photography Week 4 (2017)

Having completed the review of 2016, attention can turn back to this year's photography.

Robin Hood Hill has featured in a number of my posts over the last couple of months and, as previously stated, it is part of a long running project to document seasonal changes at certain locations in the broad Newark and Sherwood District of Nottinghamshire.

As an enthusiastic landscape photographer, I have always thought it important that I am able to translate the local landscape through my photography as well as the more familiar or iconic locations across the UK. Ultimately, I would like my photography to inspire people for their local area. This means presenting aspects of the landscape that few may have seen before either due to the compositional quality of the photograph or the particular weather conditions at the point of capture.

In this context, a foggy January afternoon was an opportune moment to add to the Robin Hood Hill portfolio:

This old oak tree is on the path Oxton:

Silhouetted trees on the hill:

Foggy scenes looking down from the hill:

Set out below are links to other posts that feature Robin Hood Hill plus my Robin Hood Hill Flickr album. Hopefully these will provide a sense of what I am trying achieve at this particular location:

Photography Week 50 (2016)

Photography Week 47 (2016)

Photography Week 26 (2016)

May 2015

Flickr - Robin Hood Hill Album

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Robin Hood Hill - Photography Week 50 (2016)

Freshly ploughed fields, mud, and low afternoon light were features of this visit to Robin Hood Hill continuing a long running series which documents the seasonal changes at this venue. Some of the images from this series can be seen in the Robin Hood Hill album on Flickr:

Christmas 2016 - Photography Week 52 (2016)

Crisp winter conditions for this seasonal set of images on the Southwell Trail.

Diffused sunlight on the Hexgreave Estate farmland:

Frosted leaves and ferns:

Icy puddle:

Winter trees line the trail: